What is Barn Dash?

Barn Dash is an Olde World technique of finishing stone walls on out buildings not requiring the level of finish employed on the main house. The stone is less select, utilizing a higher percentage of smaller stones. The stones are laid less precisely, yielding much larger mortar joints. The pointing (the mortar placed between the stones to finish the wall) yields wide joints, which at times almost cover the face of the stone. The end result, if done correctly, is an appearance of a stone wall constructed long before the birth of Stonewall Jackson. The Bank Barn, Bulltown’s newest masterpiece, will showcase this technique.

Pictures of Barn Dash

Poole Forge

Stoltzfus Enterprises Builders assisted with the renovation of Historic Poole Forge in Lancaster County, PA. Included in this period-sensitive restoration was refinishing the barn dash on parts of the Poole Forge building.

Note how the left and right sides of the building are finished in barn dash, while the middle is finished with ridge pointing.

Close-up of Barn Dash
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